Press Release from the St. Maarten Police Force: Implementation Advisers

The police informs the following.

Following the preparation and finalization of the structure and the organization plan for the St. Maarten Police Force, a selection process for implementation advisers took place in the in December 2009 in the Netherlands.  

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Based on their expertise and qualifications four advisers have been selected by members of the police management team. Mr. Huib Zwaan will be assigned to the Detective Department, Arie Broere to the General Uniformed Division, Mr. Nico Remkes to the Human Resource Department and Ron de Milde as coach/change manager. The advisers will not occupy any managerial position.

The four advisers arrived on St. Maarten on Sunday January 31st, 2010 for a one week orientation visit.

On Tuesday February 2nd, 2010 the advisers were welcomed by the management team after which among other things discussions took place about the tasks that lay ahead.

During the days that followed the delegation had a tour of the island and also visited the different law enforcement agencies to get feeling with the police work on St. Maarten.

A meeting between the police management, a representative of the advisers team and the local unions took place to discuss the role of the advisers and the implementation strategies.

The advisers along with a designated local counterpart will assist the local police force with the implementation of the new organization plan.

In early April 2010 the advisers will be stationed on St. Maarten for the duration of 3 years. The execution of the implementation falls under direct responsibility of the chief of police.

The police management believes that St. Maarten deserves a well functioning police department and therefore supports all efforts to improve the quality of the department in the broadest sense.

On behalf of the management team

The Acting Chief of Police

The Commissioner

Ademar P. Doran