“Active Parenting” Workshops

The Department for Education Research Policy and Innovations is reminding and encouraging all parents of the FBE and VSBO schools to attend the "Active Parenting" workshops that are still available at their child’s school so that they can become properly informed.  

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At the beginning of this New Year all schools continue to offer "Active Parenting" workshops for parents.

Several of the FBE schools started in January while other schools will begin their sessions February.

This program that started since school year 2007-08 is organized by DERPI, and financed through USONA with Dutch Development Funds, as part of the innovations in Education.

DERPI is of the opinion that without proper parental participation in education success is not guaranteed for the youth.

Parents attending these sessions in several schools last week had lively discussions and are all of the opinion that all parents can benefit from these sessions and help each other to raise their children.

The adage "It takes a village to raise a child."

These workshops are offered for parents in both English and Spanish language.

Most of the parents have expressed gratitude to DERPI for giving them these opportunities to obtain better or even revisit and strengthen their parenting skills.

DERPI again encourages parents to inquire at their children’s respective schools for information about workshops and schedules.

All workshops are offered to parents completely free of charge. Besides the discussions and presentations, the parents will also receive a parent guide (book) free of charge.

The Department for Educational Research, Policy and Education remain committed to the parents and children of Sint Maarten with the "Active Parenting Program" and encourage all parents to fully participate in these sessions.