Mrs.Sarah Wescott-Williams’s message to the recent graduates of the LPN course

As former Commissioner of Education I take this opportunity to congratulate the recent graduates on the achievement of their Licensed Practical Nursing certificate.  

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It is also with deep commendation that I acknowledge the facilitators of this programme, Tony Pantophlet and Brunilda Ilidge, for molding and directing the

35 men and women towards the successful completion of their studies.

With the catastrophic disaster now facing us in Haiti, we are reminded too well of the importance of the nursing profession in our daily lives. Given such significance, we are encouraged that you, the graduates, remained focused and committed to successfully completing this programme under challenging circumstances.

Your success is also a testament of the value of our nursing curriculum, which will undoubtedly find favor in our hospitals, nursing homes and other areas of our health care system.

May you continue to find the willingness and endurance to serve humanity

through the nurturing and preservation of good health.