EU-TEL Makes ”Steps Towards Progress” in Partnership with IMC;

With the launch of the unprecendented E.V.O.L.V.E. Marketing Communications Project

In February 2010, Innovative Marketing Creations (IMC) and St. Eustatius Telephone Company N.V., (EU-TEL) join forces to launch an unprecedented market research and marketing communications project in St. Eustatius.


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Themed "EU-TEL…E.V.O.L.V.E.," the acronym stands for Experience, Value, Optimize, Loyalty, Vision, Extraordinary, and exemplifies IMC’s unique approach to the comprehensive communications initiative. EU-TEL has been the sole telecommunications services provider in St. Eustatius since 1976, and through this initiative, partners with IMC to embark on a wide-ranging marketing communications project for this first time since the company’s 34-year existence.

"Affectionately known as ‘The Golden Rock,’ Statia is a gem with a strong sense of history," says Gerald Berkel, EU-TEL’s Managing Director and Lieutenant Governor of St. Eustatius. "Building on our historical strength, we embrace the challenge afforded by this project to make the necessary steps towards progress in the technologically advanced 21st century. We’ve already invested in making the essential infrastructure enhancements of our telecommunications systems, and this project allows us to reach out to the Statia community and better understand the needs of our current and potential subscribers, meet the demands of the industry, and reposition our efforts for continued success; locally among our customers and, regionally among our business partners. As the sole telecommunication services provider on the island, we must not get too comfortable. Given IMC’s detail-oriented and dedicated approach to marketing communications, they were unanimously selected after careful review and consideration by our Board of Directors."

Jacqueline Louis, General Manager of IMC, states: "The EU-TEL E.V.O.L.V.E. project exemplifies IMC’s commitment to providing wide-ranging services and extensive reach throughout the region. Through market research, we will be looking to the people of Statia to help us define what they want their EU-TEL to look like, as well as the most efficient and effective ways to reach these valuable customers, as we work with EU-TEL to further strengthen their image, brand, and ties to the local community."

The wide-ranging EU-TEL E.V.O.L.V.E. project includes a five-star approach that encompasses Market Research; to understand EU-TEL’s consumers, SuperHost Customer Service Training, to prepare EU-TEL’s workforce; Re-branding and Creative Development to reposition EU-TEL’s brand, and a variety of community-centered, conventional and internet Marketing Campaigns to raise ongoing public awareness and sales of EU-TEL’s of products and services.

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