Aruba intent on new national airline company

ORANJESTAD — The government wants a new national airline company on Aruba. From well-informed sources, the Amigoe learned that meanwhile pilots are being recruited for this company.


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Tourism-Minister Otmar Oduber (AVP) only wishes to confirm that Aruba Airlines, established in 2006, is one of the interested parties.

According to Oduber, another group has already reached the stage where they could become operational within six months. However, he does not wish to reveal the company’s name. The Minister states that he currently sets great store by a cooperation with Tiara Air. According to Oduber, this Aruban airline company wants to expand their fleet within short and to fly to other destinations. Nevertheless, the Ministers states he attaches interest to several national companies. He also emphasizes that the renewed cooperation with KLM Aruba offers more opportunities and that these will be considered.

The first KLM-flight awaits a spectacular welcome this afternoon, after the Dutch airline company had decided in March last year to discontinue their flights to Aruba. Premier Mike Eman (AVP) is on board this inaugural flight. Together with the Dutch Minister of Transport and Construction, Camiel Eurlings (CDA), he commended the return of the ‘blue bird’, before his departure from Schiphol, in the presence of KLM-director Peter Harman and other dignitaries. Eurlings spoke of a ‘first result of a new way of cooperation between the Netherlands and Aruba’. Let’s make sure that the Netherlands and Aruba draw closer to one another."

More than just extra aircraft seats
On top of that, Eurlings stated that it was a ‘relief’ how positive Eman and his ‘team’ had set to work and expects to realize more projects from the new cooperation. Eman also stated that the return of KLM is more than only 19.000 extra aircrafts seats. It is a symbol for more bearing surface within the Kingdom. During a four-course dinner, he spoke about the memorable conversations with the management of the airline company. "It had only been during the last course, that one had mentioned the possible return" according to Eman.

KLM Flight 783 had a ten-minute delay. At the beginning of the afternoon, the aircraft had made up for the delay and was to arrive at one-forty PM. The government had called on the population for a massive turnout to see the landing, which was also to be broadcasted live on TV. Furthermore, a ceremony for invitees and the press was to be held at the airport and another festive gathering in Divi Links during the evening.