Police Report: Shooting incident/two persons injured

On Friday January 29th at approximately 07.30 p.m. the Central Police Dispatch directed detectives to the Sint Maarten Medical Center to investigate a case that involved two men who were brought in for medical treament after being shot during an argument shortly before. 

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Immediately after recieving this call, the detectives went to the hospital to investigate the matter. At the Sint Maarten Medical Center, the detectives spoke to the two victims who were brought in by private car. The initials of the victims are M.B. from the Dominicn Republic and M.G. from Jamaica. M.B. had a flesh wound( in and out) to his upper left leg and M.G. had a bullet wound to his left foot. M.B. stated that he was driving in his car in the vicinity of Star Ocean Supermarket on Caracas drive in Ducth Quarter, when he saw the suspect he knows with initial J. J. according to M.B. victim had an unknown object hidden under his shirt and kept pointing at him. M.B. came out of the car at which time an argument started between them. Both parties started pushing each other at which time a gun which J. had hidden under his shirt fell to the ground. J. picked up the gun and a shot suddenly went off hitting M.G. who was sitting on the step of the supermarket in his lower right leg. M.G. immediately got up and headed towards his home which is located close by. According to M.G. he saw when then argument was going between M.B. and J. and while trying to reach his home after being shot, he heard when a second shot went off. He did not see the actual shooting. M.G. said he was taken to the hospital by a friend in a private car. M.B. stated he felt threatened by J. and was shot for no reason. M.G. was operated on to remove the bullet from his leg. M.B. was treated and could go home. The detective and Forensic Dept. are busy investigating this case and hope within short to have this case closed.