The Netherlands assist with new contingency plan

ORANJESTAD — The Dutch Council of the Safety (RvdV) will assist with drawing up a new contingency plan for Aruba. State-Secretary Ank Bijleveld (CDA) of Kingdom Relations promised this, says Premier Mike Eman (AVP) during his working visit in the Netherlands this week.


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The natural disaster in Haiti was reason for Eman to make haste with the contingency plan. The advisory organ RvdV deals with safety policy, such as disaster control and combating terrorism.

The redistribution of the money currently available in the development fund Fondo Desaroyo Aruba (FDA) had also been discussed during the consultation. The fund supposedly still disposes of approx. 200 million florins. It is not known yet how much money is exactly available for redistribution. A newly established study group with representatives of Economical Affairs, Finances, DFA and the Dutch Representative on Aruba (VNO) should be able to provide clarity on this within two weeks. The government wants to use 100 million florins from this fund for the urban modernization project of both Oranjestad and San Nicolas.

Bijleveld is very positive on the temporary agreement between the government and oil company Valero. She promised that the Netherlands would continue to remain pro-active in the search for new possibilities and interested companies for the oil refinery. In this, it mainly regards knowledge and experience, which the Netherlands will make available for negotiations. However, the Netherlands also offers support through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For example, they had made contact with Petrobras again and had strengthened the contacts with the Mexican oil company PeMex.

Premier Eman has more meetings and consultations in the Netherlands. He had a conversation today with Upper Chamber-member Hand Hillen on the main road between Oranjestad and San Nicolas. During this meeting, they discussed the various possibilities of a four-lane motorway and a freeway on piles. On Friday, Eman signed a letter of intent with soccer club Sparta for T-shirt sponsoring. A cooperation agreement with the municipality The Hague was signed Friday.