Police Report: Rival gangs clash, school bus involved, shots fired

On Friday afternoon between 01.00 p.m. and 02.00 p.m. a clash between a gang from the Cul-de-Sac and a gang from Philipsburg broke out. 

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The clash started in the vicinity of Cake House on the L.B. Scot road where a group of young men attacked the schoolbus with license plate G-53. The bus in question was on its way from the Reward area to Philipsburg. According to witnesses the group of young men on the L.B. Scot road attacked the other group of young men (students) in the school bus by throwing bottles. Witnesses further stated that they heard at least two gunshots going off and at least one of the shots came from the school bus. To avoid the worst the driver of the bus continued driving towards Philipsburg. Immediately several police patrols were sent into that direction to investigate what was going on. On the Bush road in the vicinity of Suki Restaurant the patrols encountered the school bus in question. Also on the scene the investigating officers spoke to the driver of the vehicle with license-plate P-8215, who stated that his car was hit by one the bullets during the shooting incident. A bullethole in the left upper corner of the windshield of the car in question was clearly visible. The bullet had also entered the headrest of the passengers-seat. No one was sitting on that seat during the incident. A intense search took place on the school bus to locate the fire-arm. During the search a black school bag belonging to a female student with initials G.D. located under the seat and in this bag a revolver brand Smith and Wesson caliber .38 with five bullets and one spent cartridge found. This fire-arm was confiscated along with two machetes and three knives that were found. In total nine students that were on the bus have been taken to the police station for questioning to try to determine exactly what took place. The investigation is ongoing by the Detective department. As soon a more information becomes available the media will be informed.