Press Release from InselAir

Regarding an article in the Daily Herald in St. Maarten and Amigoe in Curacao on January 27 2010, quoting Mrs. Van den Brink of the Red Cross in St. Maarten saying that the Red Cross is frustrated by the problems with a Charter flight, InselAir would like to state the following. 

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This article is completely false.

All of InselAir’s aircraft are in perfect shape and are executing flights on all destinations of InselAir and are also still performing relief flights for Haiti. The Goods which should be transported for the Red Cross in St. Maarten were to be transported by a company named Florida Air Transport, with a DC-4 aircraft. This aircraft (from Florida Air Transport) seems to have technical problems and has not executed the charter flight for the Airport and the Red Cross. InselAir has nothing to do with this as InselAir did not receive the necessary slots to execute this specific flight. It is for this reason that the Airport and the Red Cross made an agreement with Forida Air Transport. Insel Air hopes to have clarified this big misunderstanding.




Edward Heerenveen

International and General Affairs