Police recruits come to Sint Maarten for job training

On Monday February 1st upcoming, six police recruits from the Windward Islands who are presently attending the police academy in Curacao , will start a three week practical training course with the local police department, which will end on February 21st. 

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This practical training is the fourth of seven modules of the entire police training. The objective of this training is for the recruit to:

1 get more insight of the complex work environment within the police department.

2 gain more confidence with police organization.

3 get a more realistic image of the possibilities within the police department.

4 discover which his or her realistic possibilities are.

5 stimulate the interest of the trainee for the work when he or she is assigned to do.

Each one of these recruits will be assigned a certified mentor within the local police department for the duration of the course. At the end of the course the recruits will be evaluated by the mentors based on their knowledge, skills and attitude. A complete evaluation report will be forwarded to the Police academy in Curacao .

The recruits are, I.O. Schmidt and R.S. Courtar from Sint Eustatius and G.A. Jacobus, J.A Boyrard, S.A.F. Doran and R.C.R. Rogers from Sint Maarten