Stokkermans new managing director of Carmabi

WILLEMSTAD — As from April 1st, Engineer Paul Stokkermans will become the new managing director of Carmabi, the nature- and management organization. He replaces Dolfi Debrot who will be leaving for the Netherlands.

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During the past twelve years, Stokkermans was employed with the Directorate Economical Affairs (DEZ) and amongst others, responsible for the coordination of the Long-range Economical Program (MEP) and the economical part of the Social Economical Initiative (SEI). He has an agricultural background, and received a horticultural training at the Horticultural College in Den Bosch. Later on, Stokkermans had graduated from the University of London with a Masters degree in Agricultural Development. He had started his career in 1981 as horticultural teacher on Curaçao, where he had given classes at the Its in Barber, the Its Jan Ruimers at Brakkeput, and the Secondary Agricultural School (VAS).
Afterwards, Stokkermans had also worked for six years in Botswana, Africa in the agricultural training and as project advisor for a national network of non-governmental in the field of agriculture. After a three-year period on Saba, he returned to Curaçao in 1997 where he had been employed with the DEZ.
Carmabi has four main tasks, namely scientific research, nature conservation, nature- and environment-training, and advising. In the past, the managing director had also been directly responsible for the scientific research, besides the management of the organization. These functions have now been separated. The new managing director is now entirely responsible for the management and the representation of the organization. As from April 1st, the responsibility for the scientific research will lie with biologist Mark Vermeij.