Police Report:No serious incidents during Parliamentary Elections, Man with fire-arm, Man shot


No serious incidents during Parliamentary Elections

The Police dept. wants to congratulate the entire community of Sint Maarten for making the Parliamentary Elections, which was held on January 22nd 2010, a very successful one. There were no serious incidents to be reported that occur during the election.

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Man walking with fire-arm

On Saturday January 23rd at approximately 10.10 a.m. a police patrol was sent to Backstreet in the vicinity of China Palace restaurant for a man walking around with a fire-arm and whom had possibly fired two shots. On the scene the patrol did not encounter the suspect, however witnesses in the area stated to have heard noises that sounded like gunshots but did not see anyone with a gun.

Man shot in leg

On Saturday January 23rd a approximately 05.00 a.m. police and detectives were sent to Sint Maarten Medical Center where a man who was victim of a shooting was brought in for medical attention. At the hospital the investigating officers spoke to the victim with initials M.N.M. The victim had a serious "in and out" gunshot wound to his left leg. The victim stated that the shooting took place at the Lucian bar shortly before. He further stated that he was walking towards the bar in the establishment, which at the time was very busy and accidentally walked into an unknown man. According to the victim he immediately apologized to this man and continued walking towards the bar. Shortly after the victim noticed that the man he had accidentally walked into had also come to the bar. This man spoke to another man standing at the bar. The first suspect pointed out the victim and the second suspect came towards the the victim. The second suspect pulled a gun a shot the victim in his left leg at close range. Both suspects then fled the scene. The victim was then transported in a private car to the hospital to seek medical attention. Witnesses are being questioned in this investigation to determine exactly what happened and who is responsible for this shooting.