2009 RBTT School Baseball Tournament Finals

The 2009 RBTT School Baseball Tournament came to a close on Saturday January 23rd 2010 with the awards presentation.

This was the 10th annual school tournament organized by the St. Maarten Little League Association. 

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The elementary schools division consisted of 9 teams from the following schools, namely: Sister Marie Laurence, Oranje School, Leonald Conner, Zuster Magda, Methodist Agogic Center, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Ruby Labega, Marie Genevieve de Weever and Hillside Christian School. This division was split in 2 pools.

The secondary schools division consisted of 5 teams, namely: Sundial School, St. Maarten Academy, Milton Peters College Braves and Milton Peters College Stars and Mixed Schools.

Each division played 2 rounds which gave the teams maximum game play. The results are as follows:

Elementary division:

Champion Ruby Labega Primary School

Sub-champion Marie Genevieve de Weever School

3rd place Zuster Magda School

4th place Oranje School

Home run king: Jean-Ely Fleurentin from the M. Genevieve de Weever School

Secondary division:

Champion Sundial School

Sub-champion Mixed Schools

Homer run king: Francisco Jenssi Blanco

The school named the most supportive school is the Zuster Magda School.

The softball division also started this year with participating teams from the following schools: Marie Genevieve de Weever, Zuster Magda, Leonald Conner and Methodist Agogic Center.

Champion: Marie Genevieve de Weever

Sub-champion Methodist Agogic Center

Besides the championship trophies that were presented, each player in the baseball and softball divisions received a commemorative participation medal.

The St. Maarten Little League would like to thank RBTT Bank for sponsoring the tournament for the 8th year.

Thank you to all the schools that participates in the tournament.






January 23rd 2010

Secondary Division Finals


Home Visitors

                                        Mixed Schools                 Sundial School

Runs                                         4                                     7

Hits                                           3                                   10

Errors                                       6                                     4

Strike outs                               12                                   11

Walks                                       7                                     4

LOB                                          3                                     8

Home run                                  0                                    1


Best batter: TB Burnett 2-2 Elie Illidge 3-4

Charles Brument 2-4

Winning Pitcher: Elie Illidge


The 1 game final between the Mixed Schools and Sundial School saw the Sundial School winning the game to claim the championship in the Secondary division.