Police Report: Man robbed of his scooter


On Tuesday January 20th, a patrol from the 0-Tolerance team was sent to the Sint Peters/Saunders area, to investigate a case in which two men riding on a scooter were in possesion of fire-arms.

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While on the way to the Saunders area the patrol again received information that a man who was bleeding from several wounds to his body had gone to the main office of Sherrif Security for assistance. When the patrol arrived on the scene, the victim had already been transported to the Sint Maarten Medical Center . Unable to determine what had happened the patrol went to the Sint Maarten Medical Center where they spoke to the victim with initials M.M. The victim stated that he had fallen from his scooter and suffered a very deep cut under his chin, a large cut above his left eye and many bruises to his body. Witnesses stated that they overheard a conversation in which a man was saying, that a short while before, he was robbed of his scooter by two men. He had jumped into his car followed the robber who took his scooter and had knocked the robber from the scooter with the car. A further investigation done by the police patrol led them to the victim/suspect with initials J.B.L. His statement to the patrol was, that he was robbed by two of his scooter men driving in a car with licenseplate M/P-6659. He was attacked and beaten by these men and his scooter was taken away. As a result of the beating he suffered a swolen forehead and numerous bruises to his body. He further stated that he indeed followed the suspect on the scooter with his car and while trying the block this suspect, the suspect lost control of the scooter and fell from the scooter injuring himself. J.B.L. was arrested on the spot and taken to the Philipsburg police station. The suspect/victim M.M. was admitted to the hospital for further medical treatmen. The detectives are investigating.