All emotions aside: GO OUT AND VOTE

When it was announced that Parliamentary Elections will be held, I was one of many who publicly voiced their objections and decided that I was not going to vote.

I was upset ,very upset because I, like many, was of the understanding that we saw the last election for the Netherlands Antilles Parliament in 2006. 

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But after getting my emotions under control allowing reason and wisdom to take over, I understood.

I understood that we live in democratic society and that democracy must always prevail. I understood and understand that it is of paramount importance that I excersise my democratic right to vote. So today Friday, January 22nd I will be voting and needless to say I will be voting for George Pantophlet candidate number 3 on the NA slate.

As someone who is very passionate about one making full use of their democratic right, I am making a special appeal to all who are eligible to make use of your fundamental human right and go out and vote. We often hear that many died in order to be able to vote, its not a cliche, ITS THE TRUTH.

Year after year we pay tribute to persons like Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, One Tete Loki, Tula among others and rightfully so.

They fought and fought hard risking everything, believing that every human being had rights irrespective of skin color, religion, race, status or gender.

Please dont take what they accomplished for us for granted.

Go out and cast your vote on the candidate of your choice for one reason only and that is because you believe in their ability and capabllity to represent you well and take ST. Maarten to the next level.