Trench works to start along Bush Road on Monday

The Sector of R.O.B., department of maintenance, Traffic Police, NV GEBE would hereby like to inform the general public that trenching works alongside the Bush road, from Blijden Drive until the Prins Bernard Bridge will start on Monday the 25th of January, 2010 and is scheduled to be completed by mid April.  

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First the south part of the road will be worked on, where the contractors will bury the high tension cables; then the Northern side for lower tension cables.

Sergio Hodge site engineer for Windward Roads provided some details about the project.

The trenching works and the laying of cables will be executed partially under the main water drainage trench. The laying of the cables is the continuation of the trenching work executed alongside the Welgelegen road to the Blijden drive last year. 

Benjamin Ortega of the Department of Maintenance indicated that due to the work space needed, considering the safety of the workers and the motorist, a section of the road will be partially closed off with barricades. This entails that the roadway (in two directions) will become smaller/narrow.


To allow a smooth flow of the traffic, all heavy traffic (large vehicles and container transport) will be diverted thru the Zagersgut road and the A Th Illidge road, and vice versa.

The general public is also advised to make use of the Link One and/or Zagersgut Road/A Th Illidge Road.

General contracting will be executed by Windward Road Infrastructure under supervision by the Sector ROB and NV GEBE. 

In addition to the traffic detour and narrowing of the Bush Road motorist should take note of the traffic rules and adhere to the traffic speed and men at work signs. This small inconvenience will allow Sector of ROB to execute the necessary upgrading of the Utilities on the Bush Road along with its infrastructure.


The Sector of ROB, N.V. GEBE and Contractor Windward Roads apologizes for any inconveniences this may cause.

Chief of the Traffic Department and Dispatch Benjamin Gout said that the public should drive carefully through the area, and that no dump trucks, trailer trucks or tour buses are allowed. The Police will monitor the area consistently.


The Department of Maintenance has considered the gut next to Ernest Williams Motel and preparatory works will be made.

In addition, the department is looking into installing proper bus stops along the bush road.

For more information regarding the above mentioned work interested persons can contact the Sector of R.O.B., New Works and Maintenance department Head, ing. C.A. Buncamper.