The NAGICO Family comes to the aid of Haiti


NAGICO’S Haiti appeal launch on January 14th in quick response to the recent tragedy has netted good results in the first 6 days. The first of the items were loaded up on January 19th for delivery to the Red Cross.

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The collections which came from the NAGICO family -staff agents and associates- poured into NAGICO’S Philipsburg head office.

Coordinators of the collection drive, staff members Subrina Elgin Khan and Peta-Gaye Harriot were both pleased with the response and noted that this was the first delivery; the next one is scheduled to be done after the next collection date set for February 1st.

The collection drive called for foodstuff, clothing and other essentials and the NAGICO staff delivered; the donations included tarpaulins, sheets, clothing foodstuff and water. Some of the NAGICO family went the extra mile and donated money totaling US $420.55. The money was also donated to the Red Cross to assist in their relief efforts.

The organizers indicated that some staff and agents have already indicated that they will be donating items for the second phase of the relief drive which ends on February 1st.