GEBE new engines in full production

The two new 11.3 MW generators have to complete a few final tests before the engines will be officially turned over to GEBE. The engines are running to full production while this testing phase continues. 

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It is expected that the final tests will be completed within two weeks.

The engines have been online since December 21, 2009. The technicians from manufacturer Wartsila, along with the GEBE technicians, have been monitoring the engines’ performance and outputs during this period as part of the ongoing testing and fine-tuning process to ensure that the engines are meeting the required performance standards.

The waste heat boilers, the lube oil separators, and the fire detection system are some of the areas that still need to be officially tested and signed off. "The engines consists of many different components and GEBE wants to be sure that everything is properly tested and meets all the manufacturer’s technical specifications, especially when running at full power for longer periods of time."

The GEBE technicians attended several training sessions to become acquainted with the latest technologies that are used in the generators. Both the operators and the electrical maintenance crew received training in general operations, new electrical components and circuitry and radiator cooling system. No special training was required for the mechanical maintenance crew because the general mechanics of the new engines are similar to the other Wartsila engines in the GEBE power plant.