Saba Red Cross makes presentation

On Thursday morning members of the Saba Red Cross Chapter made a presentation to the Head nurse at the A.M. Edward’s Medical Center Ms. Naomi Wilson and the Director of the Hon. Henry Every Old Age Home Ms. Roseta Riley.  

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Making the presentation on behalf of the Saba Red Cross Chapter were president Mr. Antonio Hughes and Vice President Mr. Justin Yu. Mr. Hughes said that the Saba Red Cross found it fitting at this time to make this presentation to the two institutions. They presented both institutions with 30 blankets so that they can be used in their facilities. As Red Cross we always try to assist these institutions when we can and we had these blankets and we are happy to present them. When ever called upon we are always ready and willing to assist. In accepting the blankets both Ms. Wilson and Ms. Riley thanked the Red Cross and said that the blankets will be put to good use immediately.

Mr. Hughes also said that his chapter will be also opening a special bank account on Saba where persons can also donate funds towards the island of Haiti. We are very concerned about what has happened to that island and as Red Cross it is our obligation to do whatever we can to also show our solidarity to our brothers and sisters that are in dire need at this time. We will keep everyone informed on what they can donate towards Haiti. Over the years the community of Saba has come forward to assist other islands in the region and this time will be the same. We look forward in the community of Saba contributing financially as well as with clothing etc. We have been in contact with our colleagues on St. Eustatius an the other islands in order to see what they were doing for the people of Haiti.