Commissioner William Marlin cooks for senior citizens

Commissioner William Marlin has prepared another luncheon for the senior citizens, this time for the Hope Estate members.  

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The teachers from the Genevieve de Weever School was also invited to join in on the meal.

President of the Hope Estate Senior Citizen Center, Violet Lake, said that the luncheon was a good idea to have the commissioner, the leader of government, prepare a lunch for us.

We are like the forgotten ones in society, so I appreciate the gesture from the commissioner. And we thank him very much.

Just before lunch, some senior citizens were taking part in their physical activity, while others were playing cards or dominoes with each other, while others were just chit chatting.

Commissioner Marlin said to the audience just before he served them the prepared food that it was a pleasure to cook for the senior citizens and to be there with them.

I want to thank you for having me here. For those of you that I have not seen me personally, I wish you and everyone present a Happy New Year.

There are many young people who do not take care of themselves, or whose lives are taken suddenly from them.

It is a blessing to be at this senior age. You have paved the way for us who are here now. I want to thank you. And I am more than happy to be here today to prepare a lunch for you, this post New Year’s lunch. Enjoy it, Commissioner Marlin said.

After the speeches, Commissioner Marlin served lunch to the senior citizens and the teachers.