Commissioner Marlin hands over 500 TelCell cards to The Haitian Community


On Wednesday, January 13, at the Telem Building in the conference room, Commissioner William Marlin handed over 500 $5.00 Telcel cards to representatives of the Haitian Community, namely Dominique Vital, Host of Transparence Kompa and Thevalys Lazarre, President of Sensible Hearts for Haiti’s Children Foundation in the presence of Telem’s Chief Financial Officer Helma Etnel and the Sales & Marketing Manager, Carmen Lake-Reyes.

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Firstly, I want to express my sympathy on behalf of government to the Haitian community. The devastation is tremendous. As time goes by things seems to get worse, Commissioner Marlin said.

These phone cards are meant for persons from the Haitian community to call their family and friends. The commissioner said that though for now the communication may be difficult for persons to reach Haiti, when the time arises, you can a make call to a loved one. He added that we are here to lend our support.

The TelCell phone cards will be distributed via Vital and Lazarre.

Haitians have helped built St. Maarten, now it is out duty to help them, Commissioner Marlin said.

When I heard of the news, I immediately contacted the Telem management and that of UTS to see what kind of relief could be had for the Haitian community on St. Maarten. Although difficult to communicate now, I thought that nevertheless we have to try.

Nothing is as frustrating as not being able to communicate with family members, especially during times like these. We are as well grateful for any assistance from the community that they may assist in providing donations to the Haitian community, whether by dropping off goods or by donating clothes.

In addition, Commissioner Marlin said that the government is trying to establish a relief office, that will help those in need during trying times, but also to have a psychologist on hand for free consulting.

The public is also urged to donate non-perishables, clothes, and other canned goods.

Telem’s CFO Helma Etnel also spoke to provide information about the cyber café located in the lobby of the Telem building.

We are making the cyber café available for a period of time to persons who want to communicate with their family and friends in Haiti via email or any other application. Though there is a time limit, we urge the Haitian community to utilize the Telem facilities.

In addition, Etnel said, our employees have set up collecting stations at all TelEm Group locations to collect non-perishable food items, clothes, and other emergency supplies for the earth quake victims. Please drop your donations into these boxes located at the entrances of each office.

The gesture was much appreciated by the two representatives of the Haitian community.

Dominique Vital said that on behalf of the Haitian Community, I want to thank the government and Telem. I would like to ask the St. Maarten community to pray for Haiti and its people. It is nothing small, he said. I have not been able to speak to my family back in Haiti.

Pastor Lazarre said that St. Maarten loves Haitians, and the Haitians love St. Maarten. I urge you to contribute whatever you can. I want to thank you again.