Leader of Government William Marlin cooks for Senior Citizens

On January 11, Leader of Government William Marlin visted the John Larmonie Center, where he hosted a luncheon for the senior citizens who are part of the foundations of Helping Hands and Home Away from Home. Close to 80 persons were present to enjoy the luncheon. 

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The luncheon was prepared by Leader of Government William Marlin, who complied with a request by one of the senior citizens to host the event at the beginning of the New Year.

Commissioner Marlin said that it was a pleasure to be there, and to have prepared the meal, which consisted of ham and turkey, baby carrots, potato salad, fish, salad, and some other items.

"I hope you enjoy your lunch today. I want to thank you for inviting me," Commissioner said. "Once my schedule allows and I have the time, I will make it my business to come and see you."

As you know, the commissioner said, this year is filled with expectations regarding 10-10-10. We are busy working hard to fulfill the requirements. But today is about us having a good meal and enjoying each others company for the New Year. Thank you again.