Teething process in new engines cause short outages

The GEBE power plant experienced some short outages on January 1, 2010 due to the ongoing fine-tuning "teething process" of the new engines. A sensor that measures the speed controller malfunctioned. The fault resulted in one engine tripping and being taken offline. This resulted in power interruptions.  

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Additionally, an error in the seawater cooling system resulted Diesel Engine #15 and #9 to trip and fall offline resulting in short electricity interruptions in several areas on January 4, 2010. Although most areas were restored within a few minutes, certain areas experienced a power outage for approximately 20 minutes.

The new engines have been running online intermittently since December 21, 2009 as part of the ongoing testing and fine-tuning of the engines, to work out any bugs before commissioning the engines and putting them into full production. Already, the new engines have severely reduced the number outages that were experienced during the past months.

Even during the high season leading up to the end of December, which would have otherwise resulted in outages, no outages were experienced due to the radiator cooling system on the new engines. GEBE apologizes to the general public for the inconvenience caused as the final steps are taken to put the new engines into full operational production.