Police report: One more suspect arrested; Bumper car robbery

The Public Prosecutors Office through the Police Public Relation Office is informing the general public, that after the police have arrested four suspects in the ongoing armed robbery case of December 12th 2009, whereby the businessman of the bumper car rides in Simpson Bay Jean Claude BUSQUET tragically lost his life, Wednesday one more suspect in this case has been arrested. 

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21 year old Q.Y.R. from Guyana, who has French Nationality has been the latest suspect to be arrested. The investigating-team worked together with authorities in Anguilla and the gendarmes on the French Side which led to the arrest of this suspect.

What definitely can be said is, that as a result of the investigating-team consisting of members of the RST (Recherche Samen Werking Team), KPSSS ( Korps Politie Sint Maarten, Saba en Sint Eustatius), KPC ( Korps Politie Curacao). KMAR ( Konninklijke Marechaussee) and assisted by the French gendarmes, this case was solved in record time. The suspect in question will be brought before the acting judge by this weekend.