Police Report: Elderly lady found dead in her home, Two suspects caught in the act


Elderly lady found dead in her home

On Thursday morning at approximately 10.30 a.m. a police patrol was sent to Cannegieterstreet # 1, which is located across from AFOO Supermarket in Philipsbug, from which a very foul odor was coming and that the elderly woman who lived at that address had not been seen for several days.

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With the assistance of the Fire Department the front door of that house was opened. After entering the home the police located the body of the lady by the name of Eloisa Emila James born in the Dominican Republic on October 8th 1929, lying on the bathroom floor. The body of the victim was already in advance stages of decomposition and seemed to have been on that spot for several days. Dr. Mercuur who came to the scene pronounced the death of the victim. The investigation done by the detectives on the scene indicated that there was no criminal act involved and it was a case of death by natural causes.

Two suspects caught in the act.

On Thursday morning at approximately 03.45 a.m. a call came in to the Central Police Dispatch informing them that a break-in was going on in the law-office of Duncan and Brandon. Immediately a police patrol was sent to the scene to investigate the matter. On the scene the patrol noticed a ladder leaning against the wall under an open window of that building.The patrol could also hear noises coming from the inside of the building. The Central Dispatch was informed of the situation and additional police assistance was sent to the scene and the building was surrounded. The owner of the establishment was notified and came to the scene. The establishment was opened and the police entered. On entering the building two men with the initials L.T. and S.E. were caught in the act and arrested on the spot for breaking and entering. They were taken to the Philipsburg Police Station where they were handed over to the Detective Dept. for further investigation.