Dutch Monument delegation met with stakeholders, to build new relationships

Dutch Monument delegation met with stakeholders & built new relationships under new constitutional structure; 1.25 millions euros available for monument restoration.



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Mr.Ron van der Veer being interviewed during his visit to the museum

A Dutch delegation comprising of Secretary of the Committee for Kingdom Relations Ron van der Veer, and Pieter Siebinga from the National Restoration Fund of Holland, met with stakeholders on Friday 8th January 2010, to discuss future cooperation once St. Maarten obtains country status and funding that is available for the restoration of monuments. 

The Dutch delegation will stress how important it is to maintain a cooperative relationship even after the dismantling of the Netherlands Antilles.

St. Maarten needs to meet certain criteria’s in order to access funds from the National Restoration Fund of Holland for restoration of monuments. An amount of 1.25 million Euros is available that owners of buildings or houses that have been classified as a monument can tap into in the form of a soft loan to restore the place which is of cultural significance to the island community.

The Committee of Kingdom Relations is interested in strengthening the relationship with the island where it concerns monument preservation especially after the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles.

The two-member delegation had a full day of activities planned starting off with meeting Program Manager from the Directorate of Programs and Projects (DPP) Loekie Morales, and Director Udo Aron at 9.00am.

This was followed by a visit to the office of Dutch Representation (VNP) on Front Street where Veer and Siebinga will be meeting with Head of VNP L.N.B. Walrave at 10.00am.

Mr.Mathias Voges


The delegation then met with Governor Richards at 11.30am. Which was followed by a meeting with the Leader of Government Commissioner William Marlin at 2.00pm followed by a 3.30pm meeting with Mathias Voges and Elsje van Bosch from the St. Maarten Monument Preservation Foundation.

Ms.Elsje van Bosch

Siebinga and Van der Veer were also given a tour of several government recognized monuments on Front and Back Street.

The Dutch delegation is being assisted by the Director of the Curacao Monument Fund Foundation Herman George.

The Multi Annual Monument Policy Plan 2009 was approved by the Executive Council August 4.

On December 10 a presentation was made about the Multi Annual Monument Policy Plan 2009 in the A.C. Wathey Legislative Hall to monument owners, stakeholders and civil servants.

The Executive Council has already designated 22 official monuments which have been entered into the Monument Registry.

Another 23 potential monuments out of a list of 82 will soon be submitted by the VROM Department to the Executive Council for consideration and designation.

The Dutch delegation & Stakeholders being given a tour of the Museum