meet with Commissioner Blackman


On Tuesday, January 5, 2009, Commissioner Xavier Blackman met with the creators of the recruitment website: to discuss a working relationship, especially in light of St. Maarten becoming a country within the Kingdom.

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Benson Pompier, a web designer and information technology professional, with the idea of his son Charlon Pompier and a school mate Jodi Djojodimedjo—both of whom attend the Hogeschool Rotterdam—developed the website to assist government and businesses in recruiting personnel for jobs.

"The name of the website says it all," Pompier, Sr. said. "We want to change the way recruiting is done, with the contacts and assistance from students and recent graduates in the Netherlands, the US, and worlds wide.

Commissioner Blackman thanked everyone for being there and commended the young gentlemen for taking the initiative. Currently government, Commissioner said, has adapted a critical vacancies list and is actively seeking candidates. We are more directly, one-on-one, engaging candidates and appealing to their sense of duty, patriotism, and providing incentives. We are also engaging in cutting edge methods to hire persons from afar and engage in the work from afar until the moment comes when they decide to move to St. Maarten.

Charlon indicated in his presentation that there were many benefits to government as well.

List jobs economically for any period of time

Jobs are seen worldwide

Jobseekers apply online directly

Review resumes online prior to contacting applicants

Improve communication with nationals studying abroad

Find necessary professionals to Country St. Maarten

Fill the necessary vacancies much faster 

Reduce costs of recruiting new employees


There are many benefits for Jobseekers as outlined by the Jodi, namely:

Central location where Government can list all of its vacancies (both future and current) 

Review applicants and qualifications online 

Broader selection of candidates for vacancies 

Helps government to fill its vacancies faster 

Reduces governments costs for recruiting job

The site: SXMJOBS it is claimed by the designers is the first locally owned and operated employment website. The main focus is to attract necessary professionals needed to establish country St.Maarten and to improve the link between St.Maarten and St. Maarteners studying abroad. is the No. 1 search result on popular search engines with 6000 visitors per month.

Currently, there are close to 1000 registered jobseekers and growing. Registration is free. Participants can apply to sxmjobs online from anywhere in the world.