Roseta Riley appointed Director of the Henry Every Old Age Home in Saba

Ms. Roseta Riley has been officially appointed by the board of the Benevolent Foundation Saba as the new Director of the Hon. Henry Every Old Age Home on Saba effective January 1st 2010.  

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Ms. Riley was born on the island of Saba and attended her elementary education on the island of Saba and after that went to the island of Curacao to further her education and attended the Juliana Huishoudschool, the Eligia Martir School and the IFE. After completing her secondary education on the island of Curacao she returned to her native island and was employed by the Island Government of Saba as a a Geriatric Nurse at the Hon. Henry Every Old Age Home from 1989 until 1994. In 1994 she was appointed act. Head at the Home for one year and in 1999 she was appointed Administrator at the A.M. Edward’s Medical Center until 2002. From 2002 until December 31st 2009 she was employed as a nurse at the A.M. Edward’s Medical Center. But in 2006 she decided to follow the training to become a Registered Nurse and completed the training early 2009 successfully.

Members of the board of the foundation stated that they are very happy with the appointment of Ms. Riley and also the cooperation which they received from the Executive Council of Saba in granting Ms. Riley the opportunity to put her training and education to good use at the Home. We are very much satisfied that we could have found a local that was willing to take on the responsibility and as a board we are here to back her up at all times. With the many changes that will be coming on line with the constitutional changes and the merger within health care sector of facilities on Saba we felt that it was the right timing to appoint a Registered Nurse to help guide the process.

At present we have our nurses being upgraded and it demanded that we appoint a qualified nurse to also help guide the nurses with their studies. Ms. Riley will be responsible for a staff of 18 which includes nurses, cooks, janitors and wash room lady.

The board has also decided to employ another qualified nurse that has a LPN diploma bringing the total of LPN nurses now to three persons. Ms. Kim Withfield will remain on as the Act. Head of the Home in the absence of Ms. Riley. Ms. Withfield has been holding down the position of Act. Head during the past 18 months.

Ms. Riley officially replaces Mrs. Elizabeth Timmermans who retired from Government service in early 2008.

Ms. Riley first official day on the job will be Monday, January 4th 2010. Ms. Riley is no newcomer to the Hon. Henry Every Old Age Home, she has worked there in the past and earlier this year she also filled in on two occasions so she is well versed with the happenings and operations at the home.