Open letter to the management of the Police Force of St.Maarten from Mr.Norwin PHILIPS

As we are moving speedily towards the ending of the year 2009 and moving with great expectations towards the beginning of the year 2010, I am wondering what happened to the investigation that was carried out against my father, inspector Carlton PHILIPS. 

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Almost a full year has gone by since he has been accused of destruction of information during the time that he worked at the Criminal Intelligence Department. He left the department in the year 2002. Because of this allegation, his police carrier has been negatively impacted. He kindly requested that an impartial investigation be carried out in order to clear his good name and his honor to be restored.

After waiting for seven long months, he was forced to go public with the hope that an investigation will be carried out to prove his innocence.

Management of the police force never expected him to go public. Members of the "Internal Affairs Division" from Curacao were brought in to investigate my father in an attempt to punish him for going public.

According to information the investigation has been completed, a report has been submitted to the relevant authorities, but up to this date this report is being kept top secret. I am certain that if there was any evidence that my father had done anything wrong, you would have been happy to inform the public. I wonder if there is something in this report that the public should not know.

By means of this letter, I am respectfully requesting you to publish the result of the investigation, apologize publicly to my father and bring this episode in his life to rest. I know that my father will never forget, but I believe he will be able to forgive you some day.