Press Statement from ir. W.G.Brooks, Managing Director of NV GEBE

On Wednesday December 23rd 2009, a press conference was held with Mr.Brooks in connection with his status being back on the job at NV Gebe.

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I am glad that the ruling was in my favor. I would like to thank the Executive Management Team, the employees and the Shareholders Foundation for their continued support as well as everyone who have been praying for me and believing in me.

I would hereby also like to express my appreciation for the way the GEBE team continued to carry out their duties during these trying times. Even when we were forced to load-shed and the community was expressing its discontent we still managed to serve them to the best of our ability.

A special word of thanks and praise goes out to the Power Plant personnel for their continuous commitment to solving the mechanical problems that they were faced with.

We will be commissioning the new generators very soon that will make the constant load shedding a thing of the past.

We are looking forward to an improved working environment so we can continue to strive to reach our vision of reliable, affordable and quality electricity and water for our communities for the coming year and beyond.

On behalf of the management and employees we would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a bright and prosperous New Year. In 2010, GEBE will also be celebrating its 50th anniversary, so we are looking forward to making it very special.

Thank you.