Runway end safety area & road rerouting bids received

PJIAE on Monday Morning December 21, 2009 took another step in the development of the airport facilities with the opening of the bids from contractors in their presence for the diversion of the eastern airport road, extension of the runway and the implementation of the runway end safety areas (RESAs)  

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Two construction companies – Windward Roads Infrastructure and MNO Vervat St. Maarten – had been invited to bid on the project. Based on the bids received Windward Roads Infrastructure offered to carry out the works for NAf. 17,546,900.00 and MNO Vervat St. Maarten offered NAf.16,983,847.00. This project is being executed in keeping with the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) requirements to have a safety area at both runway ends.

RESAs are located at the runway extremity and are primarily intended to reduce the risk of damage to an airplane undershooting or overrunning the runway. Due to the construction of

these RESAs and the requirement to maintain the existing runway length for takeoffs and landings it became necessary to extend the runway by 120 meters to the east. The landing

threshold at runway 10 (western runway end) and it’s associated marking and lighting has to be shifted accordingly.

With the project for the rerouting of the road in front of the terminal building nearing completion the tendering process for this project was initiated on November 23, 2009. Based

on the bids received PJIAE Evaluation Committee – comprised of personnel from the company’s Technical, Operational, Air Traffic Services and Financial Divisions- will evaluate

the bids. Bids will be evaluated on the basis of their completeness, compliance with required specifications and price. The winner of the bid is expected to be announced by Mid January

2010, with the intentions to start the execution of this project as soon there after.

Princess Juliana International Airport operating company N.V. Simpson Bay, St. Maarten