Christmas Baskets for the Needy

The Department of Social Cultural Development, as is customary prepared baskets which will be distributed to the needy persons in our community. 

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During this year’s Thanksgiving Service on December 6th, 2009 the public demonstrated once more their concern for the needy and gave a love offering which was used for the purchasing of the goods for the baskets. These baskets will be distributed by the churches, the department of social affairs and other community organizations in the spirit of giving and sharing with those less fortunate in our society. Heartfelt thanks is expressed to all who in one way or the other made a contribution and made this project possible once more.


Persons in the photo are

Section head Community Development – Aida Boirard-Holaman

Section head Youth Affairs – Shermina Powell Richardson

Secretary Department Social Cultural Development- Lourdes Wilson

Policy Officer Section Youth Affairs- Elmora Pantophlet -Aventurin