30 extra-ordinary police officers sworn in from mostly island and federal departments

In the Claude Wathey Legislative Hall, there were 30 plus extra-ordinary police officers sworn in from different departments of Government and sections of society, who were all urged to carry out their tasks with delicacy and integrity by Governor Franklyn Richards and Commissioner Frans Richardson. 

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Governor of St. Maarten Franklyn Richards congratulated all present for taking part in the coursework to become an extra-ordinary police officers. He added some words of advice as well, saying that "You have to be honest, you have to be gentle, and you have to carry out your task on behalf of the Government of St. Maarten." Don’t end up in the newspaper for the wrong thing, way, but you have to walk the high road."

Commissioner Frans Richardson as well congratulated the group of soon-to-be-extra-ordinary police officers and provided some encouraging words.

"I want to congratulate you for a job well done; I know that it took hours of work and lots of studying, but you came through. Today you are being sworn in as extra-ordinary police officers to carry out with authority a very important task. Do so fairly and in a humble way, for the person you are dealing with is also human. So don’t abuse the power. Be sensitive, patient, and wise."

"I want to congratulate you again, and urge others to join the club, become like you. We need more persons like you to carry out the much needed work that needs to be done. Although I see too that in reading the names and places where people were born, I see that many were not born on St. Maarten, but have made St. Maarten their home. I want to single you out, for you having made St. Maarten your home and working towards a brighter future for St. Maarten. Thank you."

"The people of St. Maarten are looking forward to you carrying out your work in this regard. As long as you do it in the right manner, you have my support."

"I also want to thank some people, the trainer Mr. Johan de Vrieze, former prosecurtor, and to Patricia Philips, former Head of the VOSEC department, Justine Webster, and Miguel de Weever. I want to thank all those persons involved in getting the course for the civil servants. I look forward to you in making the people of St. Maarten proud," Commissioner Richardson said to the newly inducted extra-ordinary police officers.

A wide spectrum of workers from different governmental departments, on the island level and federal level, i.e. VOSEC, taxi inspectors, building inspectors, health department controllers, labor inspectors, New works, Tax department, Public works, VROM, were amongst the new extra ordinary police officers.