Press Release from the DP:GEBE: A government-owned company or not?

Quite revealing is how the Democratic Party faction would describe the discussions in the island council on the changes to the Corporate Governance Code as approved by the Island Council back in May of this year. While the changes proposed by the Executive Council presented nothing major, the Democratic Party pointed out some flaws in the process followed by the government.  

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However, the manner in which members of government dodged issues such as that of GEBE was quite revealing. Is it asking too much of a government to give its views on the developments surrounding GEBE, both on a management level and on the supply of electricity to the consumers? Is the government as such being asked to sit on the chair of the board or management of GEBE?

We of the DP think not. After all, there is a Commissioner in charge of GEBE; this company falls under the portfolio of a Commissioner. Does that not give some authority? At least, the public is owed some information from those elected to represent them and who have taken charge over matters such as GEBE and other government-owned companies.

Good corporate governance, like good governance is meant to promote transparency and openness in government-owned companies and government respectively, not circumvent the very elements of transparency and openness.

Time will tell!