Nearly 8.000 people Wednesday for Brooks Tower Agreement


WILLEMSTAD — Until last Monday, 4186 complete applications had been submitted for a temporary residence permit based on the Brooks Tower Agreement (BTA).

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Yesterday had been the last day that undocumented foreigners could apply for registration at the SDK-stadium. According to spokeswoman Nathely Isenia, 5928 numbers had been distributed, which amounts to nearly 8000 people (as there are more family members per number, red.). The team will now start to process the applications. The authorities estimate there are approx. 20.000 illegal people on the island who had come to the island before 2006 and qualify for a permit. The inspection will begin after February 28th, 2010. St. Maarten already has permits ready, as the island had arranged for two registration locations, which had expedited the processing, according to the team management.