DP: “Time to call a meeting of the Permanent Committee for Constitutional Affairs”

The faction of the Democratic Party in the Island Council has called on the Executive Council to convene a meeting of the Permanent Committee for Constitutional Affairs (PCCA). This call came as the Island Council on December 26th ratified the decision list of this Council of October 27th 2009 among others. In the meeting of October 27th it was decided to refer all documentation of the Kingdom Political Steering Group meeting of September 30th to a PCCA meeting. 

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No such meeting has been convened up to this date. One would recall all the commotion surrounding the transfer of the chairmanship of the PCCA from the former Commissioner of Constitutional Affairs, Mrs. Sarah Wescot-Williams to the current Commissioner. To date however, no meeting of the PCCA under chairmanship of Commissioner W. Marlin has been convened.

The constitutional process remains one that all members of island should be not only interested in, but involved as well. This involvement can take place in a meeting of the PCCA. Not all island council members are privy to discussions on the level of the Kingdom Political Steering Group, so this information must not only be shared, but deliberated upon and all island council factions are called to represent the people and let their voices be heard on this matter of constitutional change.