Aqualectra signs for more wind energy

WILLEMSTAD — The directors Anthon Casperson (Aqualectra) and Roy Kolader (NuCapital) – under the attentive eye of Deputy Humphrey Davelaar (Energy, PNP) – signed an agreement Wednesday morning, which determines that NuCapital will supply a total of 30 megawatt on electricity to the utility company within one year. 

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To this end, NuCapital, who currently manages the windmill park at Playa Kanoa, will also manage the park in Tera Kòrá in order to make 15 megawatt available per park.

Aqualectra will be able to provide for at least 15 percent of the local energy needs through the 30 megawatt from NuCapital. The price of 18 to 20 cents per kilowatt-hour, as agreed upon with the supplier, fits within the tariff structure of Aqualectra.

An increase of hazardous emission in the environment is prevented by using more alternative energy, which fits well within the long-range plan of the utility company regarding this project.

If the 30 megawatt had to be produced in the conventional manner, it would also involve the undesired emission of certainly 64.000 tons of carbon dioxide, 1300 tons of sodium oxide and 2600 tons of sulphur dioxide – all of the aforementioned per park and on an annual basis – besides the desired energy.
This project implies an investment of 81 million dollars by NuCapital. In this, Aqualectra approaches its objectives in the field of economies, reliability, quality and ecological soundness of electricity supply.

This approach, in which a utility company purchases power from a supplier is becoming particularly common in the wind energy branch as one would otherwise have to wait many years to possess sufficient own windmills. A new park – such as the future parks at Tera Kòrá en Playa Kanoa, with the same application approach of power purchase, will become operable on Aruba this Friday.