Police Report: Police launch end of the year controls, Man arrested for breaking into cars


Man arrested for breaking into cars

On Tuesday, December 15th at approximately 02.45 p.m. during a control in the Mullet Bay area by members of the 0-tolerance team and the Simpson bay Police patrol, in connection with the numerous car break-ins, one suspect was arrested.

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The Central Police dispatch received a call that at least two persons driving in a white vehicle with license plate 717 ZBA 971 were busy breaking into the cars in that area. After informing the patrols what was going, the patrols started searching the area for the vehicle in question. During their search the car was spotted by the patrols. When the suspects noticed that they were monitored by police the driver took off at high speed to avoid being arrested. The patrols chased the suspect car into the Beacon Hill area. During the chase the driver of the suspect vehicle lost control of the car and could not continue. Both driver and passenger jumped out of the car and took-off running through the area. After a short foot chase by police the passenger of the suspect vehicle was arrested. During his arrest the suspect with initials W.B. from the Dominican Republic resisted heavily. However he was overpowered by the officers. The driver however was not located. The suspect W.B. was taken to the Philipsburg Police Station and handed over to the detective dept. W.B. denied being involved in breaking into any cars. However during a search of the suspect vehicle several tools to break into cars, stolen items and identification belonging to the suspect W.B. were found. The detecive dept. is investigating this matter.


Police launch end of the year controls

The Police Department, as like the past years, has started its "end of the year controls". To conduct these controls the police dept. has brought all its resources together. The controls has started on Monday December 14th 2009 and will end in January 2010.

This project that will consist of many different types of controls and will cover the entire Dutch Side of the island. Our focus will be mainly to suppress and minimize the amount of armed robberies and also other criminal activities. Controlling of traffic violators, strict maintaining of public order, increasing the visibility of the police on the streets especially in those areas where tourists would likely to be. Most of all to provide help for those who need it. The Police dept. is also asking the general public for their total cooperation. That at all times they should carry proper identification on them in case they are stopped by a police officer. If so, they will immediately be able to identify themselves and avoid any unnecessary inconvenience. Make use of the "police tip line" to inform them of any criminal activity. The general public should also take all necessary precautions to avoid becoming a victim of any sort during this busy holiday season.