Police Report: Bus controls, Hot pursuit


On Monday December 14th the 0-Tolerance Team assisted by the VKS, Soualiga Patrol, Bikers Patrol and the Control Unit held another control on the school buses.  

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The control was held at the Jose Lake Senior Ballpark and started at 06.00 a.m. A total of 51 buses were controlled. The control was a succes. One porno DVD, a marihuana sigarette, one small folding knife and folding trimming saw was found and confiscated. The result of this control has shown, that the controls held in the past have effective.

The taking of weapons to school on the schoolbusses has dropped dramatically. More controls are to be expected in the future.

Hot pursuit

Monday between 12 noon and 01.00 pm. a patrol of the Special Robbery Unit, while in the Dutch Quarter area conducting an investigation, identified a suspect for whom for some time now, a warrant for his arrest had been issued. The suspect was riding on a motorcycle and when the detectives attempted to approach the suspect he took off at high speed trying to avoid his capture. The Central Police Dispatch was informed of the incident. Several police patrols were mobilized in order to apprehend the suspects. A high speed chace by police took place over the main roads towards the border to the French side in Cole Bay. Noting the possibilty that the suspect might flee across the border, the Central Police Dispatch notified the French authorities of the incident and that the Dutch Police patrol would be crossing the border. The Police Dispatch was informed that the Gendarmes would be sent immediately to assist the police. The chase continued over the border and ended op in the Sint James area, where the suspect lost control of the motorcycle and fell on the ground. The suspect stood up unhurt and took-off running between the alleys in the resedential area of Sint James. A short footchase by the police, not to lose sight of where the suspect would go in hiding took place, however the suspect disappeared between the buildings. The police patrols then returned to the Dutch Side. The Gendrames will conduct their investigation on the French Side.