Police Reports: Man found dead, Two men fight, Shoplifters arrested, Man robbed, Traffic accident


Man found dead at his home/ Foul play possible

On Friday December 11th at approximately 03.30 pm. several police patrols, detectives and officers from the Forensic Dept. were directed to Margareth Bruce drive # 16 where a man was found dead is his home.

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On the arrival of the patrols they encountered the man by the name Saliba Absalon, 42 years old from Haiti lying on the floor of his home. The victim was not showing a signs of life. The victim had bled profusely from wounds to the back of his head. Dr. Mercuur who came to the scene shortly after pronounced the death of the victim. The Forensic Dept. indicated that seeing the evidence that was found at the scene, there is the possibility that a criminal act may have taken place, however is still to early into the investigation to determine that. The detectives have been gathering information to piece together what exactly took place, why and who the possible suspects in this case are. The body of the victim, by orders of the Public prosecutor, has been confiscated for further investigation and taken to a morgue.

Two men fight with weapons/ Both injured.

On Friday December 11th at approximately 08.00 p.m. several police patrols were sent to Fronstreet in the vicinity of the Coliseum Casino where two men were involved in a very serious fight and in which weapons were used. On the scene the police patrols encountered the two men with the initials E.D. and C.W.

Both men were bleeding from wounds/cuts they sustained during this fight. A length of wood and a knife were used as weapons during the fight. During the fight the right ring finger E.D. was completely severed. Both parties were taken by ambulance to the Sint Maarten Medical Center for medical treatment. E.D. was operated on in order to try to save his finger. After receiving medical care both men were brought to the police station for further investigation.

The investigation showed that the fight took place between these two men after an argument took place concerning the smoking of marijuana in the area. The detectives are investigating the matter.


Man beaten and robbed of money

On Saturday December 12th at approximately 02.00 a.m. a police patrols was directed to Backstreet in the vicinity of the Kadaster Office for an armed robbery. On the scene the police found the man E.V.H. lying on the ground a bleeding from a wound to the left side of his face above his left eye. The victim stated that he was on his way to his home in Suckergarden, after visiting friends in Backstreet. He was suddenly attacked by two unknown young men and beaten with some unknown weapons. After he was knocked to the ground, he was robbed of his money. The victim was treated on the scene by paramedics and then transported to the Sint Maarten Medical Center for further treatment. The Special Robbery Unit is investigating this case.

Shoplifters arrested

On Saturday December 12th at approximately 07.00 p.m. three persons from Guyana , one man and two women were arrested by members of the 0-tolerance Team. The arrest took place in Cole bay. These persons were arrested in connection with shoplifting in numerous establishments on the island. The information that led to the arrest of these persons come in through the police "Tip line # 9300" which is in full operation. A complete description of these persons and the address where they were staying was given. Acting on this information the arrest was made. During the arrest several items were found in their possession for which these persons could not give any account where they bought the items. These items mostly clothing were confiscated for further investigation. At the address where these persons were staying several bags containing new clothing for which these persons again could not give any account where they bought them were also found and confiscated. These persons were all taken to the police station and handed over to the detective dept. for further investigation.

NOTICE: Information coming into the police dept. is that there several groups operating in teams of three or four persons that are on the island committing these types criminal acts. The pol. dept. is therefore requesting all businesses to pay very close attention to what is going on in their establishments and to take the necessary steps to protect themselves against this type of crime.

Business man killed at establishment

On Saturday December 12th at approximately 11.30 p.m. police patrols, Det. Dept. and Forensic dept. were sent to the "Bumper Car" Fun Park on the Welfare rd. where the owner of that establishment had been shot dead. On the scene the detectives found the lifeless body of the man by the name of Jean-Claude Busquet, a French national 58 years old lying on the ground outside his little office of the bussiness.

Traffic news

The Police traffic dept. has reported numerous traffic accidents of which several are with personal injuries. The most serious and recent accident with personal injuries happened on Sunday December 13th at approximately 09.30 a.m. on the Walter Nisbeth rd. in the vicinity of "Talk Cell", after the female passenger with initials A.M. from the Dominican Rep. had stepped out of a bus. According the investigation done by the traffic dept., the victim crossed the street without paying the necessary attention with as result that was hit by driver of a private vehicle. As a result of this accident the victim suffered a fractured lower right leg, a large cut under her nose and numerous bruises to her face. She was attended to by the paramedics on the scene, before being transported to the medical center for further treatment.