Freewinds discharges wastewater with permission


KRALENDIJK — The ship Freewinds has permission from the government to discharge wastewater at the terrain of the bureau LVV (Agriculture, Cattle Breeding, Fishery). The responsible Deputy, Nolly Oleana confirmed this Monday afternoon.


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"Just like for example Selibon, or other companies with vacuum trucks, the Freewinds is also allowed to discharge wastewater at LVV. Special channels have been made for this discharge on the terrain", says Oleana. The Freewinds does not have to pay for the discharges, just like other companies. "These rules are the same for everyone. Selibon discharges wastewater there, which comes from household septic tanks, amongst others, and does not have to pay for this either" according to the Deputy. Other cruise ships are not allowed to discharge their wastewater as they never moor longer than one day, says Oleana, while the Freewinds (which the Scientology Church uses as a training- and cruise ship) usually stays several days.

Conservationist environmentalist Sean Paton has been fighting against the discharge of wastewater since years as it supposedly pollutes the ground water, and even filmed the vacuum trucks from the Freewinds to LVV. According the Deputy, the wastewater from the Freewinds is treated on board the ship first before it is disappears into the truck. The treatment removes the solid parts from the water and kills the bacteria. Paton: "Even though the Freewinds has permission, we could still certainly blame them for continual discharge as they surely are aware of the damages to the environment. The government now states ‘we will do something about this as of April’ but the discharges are continued in the meantime.
This has been going on for years now. Why had no action been taken sooner?"

Oleana had made new agreements with the captain of the Scientology Church-ship two weeks ago. As soon as the temporary wastewater treatment plant becomes operation, which is expected to be April next year, the Freewinds will be discharging the wastewater there. That means that the ship will have to use freshwater instead of seawater for example for flushing of the toilets, as the wastewater treatment plant cannot treat salt water. The captain has assured Oleana that the system on board will be adjusted for the use of fresh water. The Freewinds will be purchasing the required water at WEB.

Pollution of ground water
In order to determine whether the ground water has indeed been polluted, Oleana has requested the Environmental Service and DGH to research the water from all sources. "I have requested a biological and chemical research. If it appears from these researches that the sources are contaminated, then we must search for the cause. One cannot state just like that that the wastewater from the Freewinds causes pollution", the Deputy declares. "Moreover, many houses have a septic tank and the wastewater thereof also disappears into the ground." Paton had had researches done in a laboratory from water from two sources in the neighborhood of LVV, ‘Flor di Cuba’ and ‘Pasa Kontra Mi’. It appeared from the tests that the drinking water for cattle (and sometimes for people) had been contaminated.