Minister Ter Horst visits Saba; Emergency Tower Restoration in Saba


Minister Ter Horst and Lieutenant Governor Johnson of Saba hiked today to the summit of Mount Scenery (the highest point of the Kingdom) and signed a contract to put the communications tower back into operation.

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The emergency services upgrade will lead to better communicate with each tower. Accessibility and rapid response of emergency services makes a significant contribution to safety on the island. The restoration of the tower is also an important step towards the deployment of the joint control room. This is part of the transition process of the BES-islands public entities of the Netherlands.

The Minister is paying a working visit to the BES-islands which will include the fire and police meetings. She informed them of the improvement plans. On Saba and St. Eustatius she was also introduced to the quartermasters of the Royal Military Police. In conversation with Lieutenant Governor Johnson noted the minister on the island as special municipalities and an enrichment for the Netherlands to find.