Warders on strike

WILLEMSTAD — Approximately 150 to 200 warders of the Bon Futuro prison had stopped working Thursday. According to Albert Martina of the service group, his colleagues and he are tired of being kept in suspense regarding non-compliance of agreements.


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It regards payment of allowances, indexation and advancements, which had already been agreed upon in September. A total of six points had not been complied with.

Minister of Justice, Magali Jacoba (PAR), had indicated towards noon to consider summary proceedings to persuade the warders to continue their work. "I can take actions once I have a perception regarding the amount", Jacoba informs TeleCuraçao just before noon. For that matter, it regards a considerable amount.

What stabs the Minster is the fact that she had negotiated with the committee of the civil service trade union Abvo last Tuesday, where she had indicated to come up with a solution as soon as possible. A meeting on Wednesday had followed and today we are confronted with a strike. "This does not improve the situation within the prison. The prison requires considerable attention, but I also have another 37 other services in my portfolio," says Jacoba, who had been appointed last August.

Losing patience
Meanwhile, the patience of the Abvo committee appears to wearing thin. "The warders no longer believe the Minister’s words. They want to see such in writing", says Chairwoman Wendy Calmes.