Press Release from the Democratic Party : Organization Ordinance


The following letter was submitted by the DP faction following 2 brief Central Committee meetings on the Ministerial plans for country Sint Maarten. The Organization Ordinance for the present organization is also being amended by government to allow the transition from territory to country, however the issues raised in the letter remain a concern for the Democratic Party, as we are now approximately one month away from the formal transfer of personnel and resources as agreed.

In addition, the budget of the island territory as presented, does not take into account the ministerial plans and asscoiated cost as outlined.

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The Chairman of the Island Council of the Island Territory of Sint Maarten


Sint Maarten


November 17, 2009

Honorable Chairman,

As a result of the Central Committee meetings of October 16 and November 12, 2009 respectively and making use of our right as island council members in accordance with the Rules of Order of the Island Council and the Islands Regulation of the Netherlands Antilles, I hereby submit, on behalf of the Democratic Party faction, the following questions to the Executive Council in connection with the Ministerial Plans and the Island Ordinance containing changes to the Organization Ordinance Sint Maarten 2008.

· What are the budgetary implications of the total personnel cost for the Government Organization of Country Sint Maarten?

· What fate await those persons who currently hold the position of sector director?

· What is the present status of the recruitment of Secretaries General for country Sint Maarten, who is executing this project, what are the conditions for this position?

· What is government’s position on the inventory of tasks and responsibilities as a country and how does government view the execution of such and by whom?

· What has government’s reaction been to the draft federal ordinance on the transfer of central tasks and responsibilities? Can we be provided with a copy of this reaction?

· What further steps have been taken with respect to the agreement with Curacao regarding a joint central bank?

· Since the opening of the office of a St. Maarten MOT branch, what actions have been undertaken under the auspices of this office? How is this office manned? What are the activities of this office? How is the cost of operation of this office allocated?

· Kindly provide our faction with the personnel formation of the Ministry of TEZV&T, as this is not included in the Ministry Plan(s).

· Which budget is referred to when mention is made of "budgeted personnel cost" as part of the formation plans of the respective ministries?

· What is the status of the new draft study-ordinance? When can the island council expect to receive same?

· At what phase of the project plan is the NHIS momentarily?

· What are the direct and immediate consequences of the proposed changes for the organization? Who are affected by these consequences? How have these consequences for the affected individuals been mitigated?

Looking forward to receiving the answers to these questions before these proposals are forwarded to the island council for its deliberations.


Respectfully submitted,

Sarah Wescot-Williams,

Island Council member