Pony Baseball Caribbean Zone meets in Gurabo, Puerto Rico


During the past weekend Pony Baseball Caribbean Zone held a meeting at the Municipality of Gurabo in Gurabo, Puerto Rico. During such yearly meeting Caribbean Zone affiliated leagues came together as to plan and discuss upcoming events for the year 2010.

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Present at this meeting were also the CEO and President of Pony Baseball/Softball Inc. Mr. Abraham Key and the Chairman of the International Board of Directors Mr. Terry Faust. The St. Maarten Pony League members that attended the meeting were Mrs. Minerva Pinto, Mrs. Nadia Brown and Mr. Gabriel Brown. During such meeting it has been declared that the upcoming Caribbean Zone games will be held in Panama, Bahamas and Puerto Rico.

St. Maarten is planning to attend with selection teams to the various categories. Intensive practices will be starting soon whereby Mr. Hendrick Sanchez will be heading the practice sessions.

In 2010 Pony Baseball will be celebrating its 60th anniversary while Puerto Rico Pony Baseball League will also be celebrating its 55th anniversary and is expected to have a combined celebration of their existence in Puerto Rico. As special for the 60th anniversary celebration Pony Baseball is launching a special program for the physically challenge where the physically challenge will have an opportunity to be physically involved in the great sport of baseball. Pony Baseball is planning to host baseball games for the physically challenge all over the world. Pony Caribbean Zone will also be organizing Caribbean Zone tournaments for the physically challenge. All Caribbean Zone leagues can know registered their Physical challenge players. For St. Maarten registration is going to take place at the Pony League office at the Cannegieter Street 93 or call Tel. 542 2121 for more information.