Police Press Release: Man commits suicide, Armed robber shot

Man commits suicide by hanging

On Tuesday November 24th at approximately 07.30 a.m. the Simpson Police Patrol, the Detective Dept. and members of the Forensic Dept. were directed to a home on the Dr. Levendag street in the Cole bay Lagoon area, where the owner of that house had committed suicide by hanging himself.


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On the scene the investigating officers encountered the lifeless body of the man by the name of Jean Pierre Roudon, a French national 69 years old who was hanging by his neck from a rope that was tied to a wooden rafter of the garage. According to relatives, the victim was suffering from severe depression and a short while back had already made an attempt to end his life. This time the victim succeeded in taking own life when his relatives least expected it. Dr. Mercuur pronounced the death of the victim and ruled it as a suicide. The body of the victim was taken to a local morgue. The investigation done by the detective dept. showed no signes of any criminal intent or criminal act.

Armed robbery suspect shot.

On Tuesday November 24th at approximately 12.45 p.m. several police patrols, members of the 0-tolerance team and detectives were directed to Aruba drive for an armed robbery. The first police patrol on the scene approached the house in question and on entering the homen was met by a masked suspect, who was armed with a hand gun and in a threatening manner aimed it at the patrol. The patrol took cover and informed the Central Police Dispatch of what was going on and called immediately for back-up. This suspect however fled the home through a door leading from the living room. He jumped the fence at back the house and fled through the hills in the direction of Saunders. A description of the suspect was given through to the other patrols who started an intense search in the neighboring area. In the Saunders area a man fitting the description of the suspect was spotted by the patrols. When the man noticed that he was approached by police he took-off running. This man was summoned by the police stop, however he did not comply with orders of the officers and continued fleeing from police. Two other police patrols joined in the chase to apprehend this suspect and in the course of the chase shots were fired, one of which struck the suspect in his right shoulder. The chase ended on the Gladiola road. The suspect with initials R.S. from Jamaica, was treated on the spot by paramedics and then transported to the Sint Maarten Medical Center for further treatment. At the hospital the suspect was treated for his wound and is presently in a stable condition. He is also admitted for observation. At the crime scene in Aruba drive where the armed robbery took place, the patrol encountered the house maid who was tied up by the suspect. The patrols later found the owner of the house who was hidden in a bedroom. The Special Robbery Unit is busy with the investigation and as soon as more information becomes availablethe media will be informed.