Open letter to Commissioner Frans Richardson: Upgrade ALL sports facilities NOW!

During the election of 2005, we heard the National Alliance party make their usual promises. One of the promises made was for the building of a cricket field.
On Father’s Day 2009, Commissioner Frans Richardson kindly reiterated this by explaining to the community at large on the Lloyd Richardson call in program, that it was one of the campaign promises and with the assistance of their financier this would be made possible, seeing that they are now in the governing chairs.


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We do recall on Tuesday March 10, 2009, printed in the Daily Herald, prior to the marriage of convenience of this executive council, Commissioner Richardson questioned the then Commissioner of sports, now Island Council member Mrs. Maria Buncamper- Molanus of the dilapidated conditions of the Raoul Illidge Sports Complex.

Commissioner Frans Richardson mentioned that its not being kept, the holes on the track are not conducive to persons wanting to utilize the facility. Obesity is on the rise, he claimed, and Mrs. Buncamper should see to it that the facility is kept. He further mentioned the first responsibility for the complex still lies with government. It has been neglected for too long, he added.

We could not agree with him more, but the Raoul Illidge Sports Complex is not the only sports facility in a deplorable state.
We also have:
– L.B. Scott Auditorium, which needs, better seating, a scoring board, better air ventilation, and a water cooler.
– Melford Hazel Center, the doors to the restroom should be replaced.
– St.Peters Basket Ball Court, the drainage should be pumped in a timely manner so that water does not settle, which could also facilitate in breeding mosquitoes that can possibly cause Dengue Fever, the court also needs restrooms, and a water cooler.
– Cape Bay Basket Ball Court, proper fencing surrounding the court and a water cooler.
– The John Cooper / Jose Lake Baseball Field, proper restrooms, a scoring board and a fresh coat of paint.

Most importantly, all the fields including Belvedere Basket Ball Court and Middle Region Basket Ball Court needs the maintenance of lights, for without that the various fields can not be utilized.

It is shameful, but we applaud those persons who utilize these fields, who purchased these lights from their own pockets. We especially commend those of Cape Bay for coming together and not waiting and asking what their country can do for them.

So our question to you Commissioner Richardson is, a promise for a cricket field may be beneficial, but at what costs? Have you forgotten about obesity? It’s still on the rise, irregardless of which political party is in the governing chairs.

We suggest, while plans are being made to erect said cricket field that the maintenance of the various sporting facilities are maintained with the same fortitude, for as you mentioned the same way projects were juggled around for other projects, money needs to be found for the Raoul Illidge Sports Complex and we would add the many other sports facilities on the island as well.

The Board of CPYP