Six Delegates Honored at National Alliance Congress

Six National Alliance supporters were inducted as honorary members for their exceptional service to the National Alliance Party by Party Leader, William Marlin. The persons honored were: Sarah Doncher, Alicia Warner, Ruth J. Alias, Marinus H. van der Neut, Henry Janvier, and Camille Baly.


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Presiding over the ceremony, Congress Chairman Terry Peterson expressed, "It was a most difficult task for us as a committee in that only six of many deserving persons were chosen to receive the NA Distinguished Service Award. It does not mean that other persons are less deserving or unworthy, but that the committee chose to be as diverse and inclusive as much as possible this year, and decided to spread its choice over the various communities. In speaking to the honorees, the Leader of the National Alliance noted that, "An honor such as this is a wonderful way for us as the National Alliance family to recognize and celebrate the choices, and the extraordinary sacrifices, our members have made. But I believe that what should make us the most proud is not the actual honor itself, but what you had to do, sometimes under harsh circumstances, to get it. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, ‘The reward of a thing well done is to have done it.’ Thus, any recognition is just the icing on the cake, not to be expected but definitely to be enjoyed and celebrated." The National Alliance therefore congratulates and commends our six honorees for their exceptional service to the party and to the community of St. Maarten. Congress Chairman, Terry J. Peterson, also received a surprise Award of Excellence from the Congress Committee for executing a very successful congress and in recognition of his continuous hard work and dedication to St. Maarten.