Granger to represent Saba on Winair Board


Recently, Ms. Urla Granger was appointed as a new member of the Winair Board to represent the Island Territory of Saba. Granger was born on Saba and went away to school starting at the age of 12.

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In her time abroad, she obtained a Bachelors and Masters in Accounting. Upon finishing school she worked in Accounting for 12 years in the United States. Granger was offered a position at GeBe in 2006 and has worked there since as Project and Inventory Control Supervisor.

Granger replaces the previous Saba Winair Board member, Mr. Theodore Johnson whom served on the Board for several years. After the Mr. Theodore Johnson resigned, the Executive Council was given the opportunity to recommend a replacement. The Executive Council made the recommendation for Ms. Granger based on her background on finance and accounting. A few weeks ago the Council of Ministers approved the Island Government of Saba’s recommendation to appoint Urla Granger.

"I look forward to having someone on the Board who can see from the outside in and to see what is working and not working within Winair", stated Commissioner Chris Johnson.

Ms Granger stated to GIS, "Saba is home and when it comes to transportation we have one choice. It is important that we protect that and see it is not interrupted for locals and tourists. For me, this experience is coming full circle being that Winair allowed some of us to leave Saba to get our education, and now return. Given this experience I can assist with further opening up the world to this small island called Saba."