Police Press Release: Man Commits Suicide

On Tuesday November 10th, several police patrols and detectives were directed to Diamond Drive 3-A located in Simpson Bay, after receiving information from the Central Police Dispatch, that the male occupant of the apartment in question had committed suicide by hanging himself.


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On the scene the detectives encountered the lifeless body of Sylvere Ries a French national 37 years old, on the back porch. He was lying on his back and was covered with a sheet. The sheet the victim used to hang himself with was still hanging from the railing on the second floor. On the scene the detectives spoke to the girlfriend of the victim with initials M.C.D. who stated that the victim was suffering from depression and was being treated by a medical doctor. She further stated that on that day she saw the victim at around 04.30 p.m. at her business in Marigot. The victim had left the business to go home. At around 09.30 p.m. when she arrived at home she found him hanging by his neck that was tied with a sheet. She cut sheet with a sciccors to free the victim and layed him on the floor. He was not showing any signes of life. The Forensic Dept did their investigation and determined that there were no criminal acts involved. The body of the victim was then transported to a local morgue